The Met Gala always swings back and forth between being the best red carpet of the year or, at least, the most interesting red carpet of the year. Every celeb you know and love is there, and as an added bonus, there's no four-hour award show attached that you feel like replica oakley have you have to sit through afterward. Win-win. We covered the evening's best bags yesterday, but here we have all the bags celebs carried during the frenzied hours before the cheap polo ralph lauren big event. Much like Met Gala ensembles, they only occasionally disappoint. First up, here's actress Amber Heard leaving the Ralph Lauren offices after a Met Gala fitting. She's carrying a goyard outlet luscious black leather Alexander McQueen Legend Bag. Elle Fanning and her sister Dakota both attended the Met Gala this year, and paps snapped Elle running Met Gala-related errands marc jacobs outlet around NYC in the hours before. Her pre-gala bag of choice is this tiny, embroidered purple Gucci Padlock Bag. I don't know who makes her jacket, but if you do, please enlighten me in the comments. Also, on a completely unrelated note, my birthday is next Tuesday.

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