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I am a married man (18 years and counting) with three children. (all under 16) We live in Southport, Lancashire, England.

I am an experienced photographer having first started taking pictures when I was about 15. I enjoy photography as a medium for art and my own personal work revolves around Still Life, people and Fine Art Figure Work. I also love creating portraits for clients that they can treasure for years.

In 1994 my still life study of light and shade titled "A4" was selected for the Royal Photographic Society 147th International Print Exhibition.
"A4" is an image of a piece of white A4 printer paper displayed on a background of white paper. It remains one of my favourite images for its simplicity and use of light and shade. I try to use the same simplistic approach to all my work.

I am officially allowed to use the letters C.P.A.G.B. after my name following an assessment of my work by the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain.

I am a partner in Elevated Media which offers specialist photographic services mainly relating to photographing buildings from a camera mounted on a 50' mast to give us aerial shots without leaving the ground.

You will find this website now incorporates KidzShotz photography which has, until recently, had its own site. KidzShotz is a specific style of photography and presentation for babies and very young children